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#1 Optician in The Bronx For Glasses and Contacts

Optician NYC is The Bronx's choice eye examinations.  We specialize in prescribing glasses or contact lenses for people with cases of nearsightedness and farsightedness. Whether you need relief from dry and itchy eyes, or if you need a foreign object removed, our eye specialists can help! Once a local NYC optical business buys this website, they will help you fix your vision problems!

(397 Ratings), 1000+ Eyes Fixed

Last Updated: 10/2020

Get immediate relief from eye irritations and vision problems in The Bronx, NYC!

  • Get rid of irritation of the eyes

  • We will check for pink eye

  • Replace dry and itchy contact lenses in The Bronx, New York

  • Get a glass eye or eye patch if you are a pirate

  • Highest quality glasses and contact lens manufacturers

  • Doctors office that prescribes contacts and accepts insurance

  • Urgent Eye Care Emergencies Baltimore

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    Planning Your Visit

    Due to the COVID19 pandemic, corresponding regulations, and impact on the local New York City community, we are currently allowing visits by appointment only. Please use the form the schedule your visit, and observe all ppe precautions including face masks and social distancing.

    What to do for persistent vision impairment

    • Rinse your eyes in cold water for 15 minutes

    • If you have chemicals or a dangerous substance in your eye, please go to the hospital or call 911

    • Book an eye care appointment in The Bronx, New York City

    • Get seen for something stuck in eye today

    Top Rated Optical Center in The Bronx!

    Clear vision through better eye health: Optician NYC!

    Best eye care center NYC new york

    "Thank goodness they got that eyelash out of my eye"

    "It was really stuck in there, and starting to get super irritated, maybe infected... But these amazing opticians just plucked that foreign object right off of my cornea.  Of course this is just a made up review, but you get the idea"

    Made Up Person, XYZ Inc.

    Optician NYC Best Designer Glasses Retailer

    "Come here if you need to have your eyes looked at by a doctor immediately"

    "Sometimes you just can't wait weeks for an appointment... Optician NYC hooked me up with a same-day appointment so that I didn't have to deal with eye pain any longer. The sunlight was really starting to hurt my eyes."

    Another made up person, XYZ Inc.

    New York City's #1 Top Optician for prescription lenses

    "Unbelievable improvements in seeing short distances and up close!"

    "Vision emergencies are super scary.  I had to have my mom bring me here, because my vision was too blurry to drive after so much screen time designing this website...  But they fixed my vision fast, and very affordably!

    Future customer of yours, XYZ Inc.

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    The Number #1 Optical Center in New York City


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